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Seal Pup & Story Book Giveaway! 

Right now, our environment and wildlife are in desperate need for change and protection, and to help do this, we all need to educate others and spread awareness about the problem of plastic pollution and how and why we need to make a difference.


Through our beach cleans and with the launch of our children's story book, we want to ignite a passion for environmental change and educate and inspire the next generation of eco warriors to help protect our planet! 

To educate the younger generation about the risks of plastic pollution and the impact it is having on wildlife, we have launched our giveaway to help do exactly this. 

Giveaway Includes:

- 1x The Adventures of Sammy the Super Seal! story book

- 1x Large Seal Pup.

- Worth £47.50!

Individual Entry:

If you want to win a seal pup and story book for yourself, or whether it's for your own eco warrior, you simply have to just fill in the form below to enter. 


CLOSING DATE: 30th June 2020 💚🌍

Good Luck!

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