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our background

Where it all began...


Cuddle Earth is a Custom Toys UK project.

Custom Toys UK specialise in the design and manufacturing of bespoke toys for wholesale, helping businesses to promote their brand in a fun and unique way.

We were conscious of the plastic used in our products and we wanted to do something to address this and make a positive contribution. 

We believe that it is the responsibility of everyone to start reducing their plastic waste but businesses in particular need to make a conscious effort.


We want to set an example to businesses like ourselves and encourage them to think about alternatives to plastic and make the move towards more environmentally friendly products and practices.

After months of researching and developing natural and recycled materials, planning our beach clean events and designing our products, Cuddle Earth was born!

Our cuddly toys are environmentally friendly in three special ways:

  • They are made from the finest natural organic materials which are dyed responsibly.

  • Their stuffing is made from recycled PET plastic, repurposing what is already available, preventing it from going to landfill or ending up in the sea!

  • For every penny spent with Cuddle Earth, we will remove 1g of litter from the coastline through the beach cleans we organise.

We are not saying we're perfect.

But we are trying our best to reduce our plastic waste and find alternatives where possible. By carrying out our beach cleans and using recycled plastic in more of our products, we hope we can inspire other businesses to do their bit too. Join us in making a difference today!

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