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A Green Halloween!

Autumn is well and truly upon us, and the holiday season is kicking off with Halloween. Whilst many of us delight in all things spooky and scary, from an environmental point of view, Halloween can be a truly terrifying time of year!

Whether it’s the costumes with an array of plastic accessories and only worn once or the single use decorations for your haunted house, there’s potential for a lot of waste to be produced, and that’s before thinking about the individually wrapped sweets handed out to eager trick-or treaters!

If you want to reduce the amount of waste produced this Halloween then fear not, we have a few eco tips to help you through the spooky festivities without ruining the fun!


  • Instead of buying decorations which will mostly be thrown away after a few days, why not get creative and make your own! Need a scary figure to spook trick or treaters on arrival? Why not create a homemade scarecrow using old clothes a football and a broom! Stuff the body with old newspaper which can be recycled afterwards.

  • Pumpkins! It wouldn’t be Halloween without a pumpkin or two but there are ways to make the most out of these ghoulish delights! If you’re gifted in the culinary department why not opt for sweet pumpkins. Carve out a creepy design and use the flesh for treats such as pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup. Mini pumpkin pies would also make an ideal trick or treat reward!


  • If you are attending a Halloween party then of course a costume is essential, and no one wants to look scary for all the wrong reasons… But instead of ordering another expensive costume online, why not raid your wardrobe or local charity shop to create a unique look which is far more sustainable!Bought costumes can look great but they often come with a host of plastic accessories from masks and teeth to weapons and wigs which will inevitably be lost or broken before the night ends.

Trick or Treat sweets!

  • Now, for most children (and adults) the best part about Halloween is the copious amount of chocolates and sweets allowed to be consumed! But individually wrapped sweets are less than ideal from an environmental perspective.

  • An easy way to avoid the excess packaging is to make your own treats. Not only is baking fun (always make enough for you too!) homemade cakes and biscuits can be decorated however you like, make them as scary as you can!

  • If you’re hosting a party and want some spooky snacks, use foods such as avocado, beetroot, watermelon or blackberries to create dishes which look the part and taste great!

Finally, the days following Halloween can often see more litter around given the current nature of trick or treating, so a final way to make your Halloween more environmentally friendly is to try and pick up any litter you see when you’re out and about. Our Cuddle Earth Litter Picking Kit is ideal for this!

Share these tips with friends and family to help make Halloween 2019 the greenest yet!

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