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Introducing our Ethical Product Range!

We are SO proud to reveal that we have finally launched our ethical product range through our Kickstarter campaign!

We have created a range of products to not only provide you with completely ethical and organic alternatives, but we will also be using our products as tools to help spread further awareness about plastic pollution.

What is so special about our range is that, with each penny spent with Cuddle Earth, 1 gram of litter will be removed from our coastline - every penny helps!


Here is our brand new ethical range!

Organic Seal Pup

Our seal pup is the perfect cuddly friend for anyone who is passionate about helping to protect our environment.  

These adorable seal pups come in two different sizes:

Standard Seal Pup

Large Seal Pup

Our organic seals have been lovingly created using 100% natural, organic and GOTS certified cotton for its soft and snuggly exterior, whilst it’s stuffing is made from recycled PET plastic. 


Our own reversible wristband made from 100% recycled polyester. This wristband is a Kickstarter exclusive, a special creation to kickstart our journey in protecting our environment! 

Wooden Keyring

It is vital that we act now to combat the pollution that is invading our environment everyday, whether that is in our parks, on our streets or on our beaches. This issue is not going to go away anytime soon, it is getting worse everyday, which is why we need to act now.

Our mission is to provide cleaner and safer beaches and in turn protecting precious wildlife - but we cannot do this without you!

Join us on our special journey in waving goodbye to plastic pollution, and together we WILL be the change.

Make a difference today: 💚🌍

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