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Staying Positive through COVID-19

Firstly, everyone at Cuddle Earth would like to wish you and all your family good health and strength during this difficult time. A huge thank you goes to our amazing key workers. We appreciate you all more than you could ever know.

At a time like this it is easy to get sucked in to the doom and gloom, and while we all must continue to take this virus extremely seriously, it is also important to remember that if we stick to the lockdown rules, every single day is a day closer to life going back to normal so let’s try and help each other to remain positive.

We thought we would share some tips that we have all been using to help spread some love during this scary and uncertain time. We encourage you to pass them on to your loved ones:

1) You are not alone. Just because we can’t be together does not mean we are forgotten by our loved ones. Everyone is missing each other so reach out to friends and family, give them a phone call or write them a letter (just make sure you remind them to wash their hands after reading it). When somebody pops in to your head, let them know you’re thinking of them, it is important we stay connected right now.

2) Feel proud of your accomplishments – no matter how small they are. If today, you only achieved one thing, then that’s great, one thing you did today that you did not do yesterday! It can as simple as making your bed in the morning. Be kind to yourself right now big yourself up like you would your bestie! And remember, even the people who seem to be gliding through life effortlessly like a swan, are paddling hard under the surface. We are in this together.

3) Be silly and clap! Every Thursday at 8pm, we have been coming together as a nation to show thanks to our key workers by clapping and making as much noise as possible from our front doors, windows, balconies etc. Why not dress up this Thursday and have some fun with it. Surprise your neighbours, and yourself with how much it could make you laugh. It is also giving us something to look forward to every week. Here is what some people at Cuddle Earth have been doing:

4) Pick up the rubbish. During our one hour of daily exercise, everyone at Cuddle Earth has been using it to help clean up our local communities by taking our litter pickers and bags with us. It helps our environment and makes you feel good knowing you have done something helpful today. If this is something you are thinking of doing PLEASE use a litter picker and gloves, and don’t touch any rubbish with your hands. We want you all to stay safe as much as the environment. If you have any kids in your life you can get our litter picker kits for £20, which includes the Sammy The Super Seal Book. This would be a lovely gift to send to someone to help keep their children entertained and educated right now:

5) Relax and slow down. One thing that lockdown has offered us, is the opportunity to take our time. Be present and stay focussed in the one thing you are doing right now. Relax your body to help relax your mind. Right now, whilst reading this, lower your shoulders, relax your jaw and soften your face. Taking the time to do little check ins with your body throughout the day will help you become more present with yourself and help practice mindfulness.

6) Close each day on a happy thought. Try and end your days with something that made you laugh, smile, feel good or positive. It will help remind you that not everything that is happening right now is bad. Be thankful for significant and for small things that happened, from our health to a cup of tea and everything in between. Remember, tomorrow is a new day.

Some Good News:

1) Due to the Coronavirus, all tours in Australia have paused. This has allowed scuba operators to plant new corals along the Great Barrier Reef. The scientists and scuba divers have set up nurseries for the baby coral which is growing and being nurtured. So far about 1,000 pieces of coral have been replanted. When tours start up again, snorkelers will be able to swim near the nurseries and give the new coral a wave.

2) In major cities, air pollution and emissions of greenhouse gasses have fallen. Dehli has experienced a 60% reduction in air pollution. Some good news to cair about!

3) For the first time EVER, an animal shelter in Florida is celebrating empty kennels after every single dog has been adopted! Remember, a dog is for life, not just for a pandemic.

Sending love to you all and remember, wash your hands, shop local when you can, stay indoors and save lives.

Peace from everyone at Cuddle Earth x

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