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“We need to move beyond guilt or blame, and get on with the practical tasks at hand.”

- David Attenborough

Cuddle Earth removes 1g of litter from our coastline for every penny spent with us, therefore, by purchasing our Sammy the Super Seal book, we'll be removing 1.25kg of plastic on your behalf!


The Adventures of Sammy the Super Seal - Paperback book

Sammy the Seal is tired of finding litter in his home. Join him on his journey throughout the sea where he finds his friends in need of help. All Sammy wants is for humans to start taking care of the environment and to stop creating so much litter. You can help Sammy’s wish come true!


For every purchase of this book, Cuddle Earth will work to remove 1.25kg of plastic from our coastline!


Recommended Age Range: 3 - 8 years.

This product is also available as an E-book, which can be purchased here

Read your young eco warriors the adventures of Sammy the Super Seal to inspire and help us take responsibility for their future. 

When you've finished reading Sammy the Super Seal, why not pass it onto a friend!


Remember, for every penny you spend with us, we'll remove a gram of litter from our coastlines on your behalf!


"I love this book because it makes me think about the lovely animals in the sea and we should never throw rubbish because it hurts them and they are so beautiful, and that is horrible for them. We have done a beach clean at my school and we helped the fish because of it."


- Fiona, age 8


The Cuddle Earth project is here to make a positive impact on our planet and to protect the lives of precious wildlife that are affected by the growing issue of plastic pollution invading our beaches and seas.


Not only do we want to help wave goodbye to plastic pollution, we want to create a movement of environmental advocates who are as passionate as we are in helping to build a sustainable future.

We believe that from an early age, children should be taught that they can help us save the planet. To help them become thoughtful and considerate grown ups, being environmentally conscious is an essential step to take.

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