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What is Cuddle Earth?


 Cuddle Earth is a project on a mission to make a positive impact on our beautiful planet and to protect the lives of the precious wildlife impacted by the growing issue of plastic pollution. 

We have created a range of cuddly toys based on endangered marine animals and made from organic and recycled materials to help support our mission.

We want to inspire others to actively come together and follow our journey by doing little bits to protect the earth.

Inspiring the movement towards a better protected planet and our commitment to taking care of the environment flows throughout Cuddle Earth.



What are we doing?

Our products will help us to tackle the issue of plastic pollution and you will be supporting us on our mission to clean our coastlines. 


For every penny you spend with us, we remove 1 gram of litter from our coastlines at our Cuddle Earth Beach Clean events.

Sammy's been to school! We have been offering free drama workshops in primary schools to educate the little people on ways we can all save the planet. 

We hope that this exciting new project will raise awareness of this critical environmental issue and help to wave goodbye to plastic pollution from our seas and beaches. 

If you know a school you would like Sammy to visit, you can enquire at


How can you help?


We are here to help protect what you love and you can be a part of this special journey with us! Your support will take us one step closer towards cleaner beaches and seas and will help to ensure our wildlife have a safer place to live. 

You can find out more about our workshops here!

We will also be hosting our own beach cleans that we would love for you to attend!


Keep checking our website and stay up to date with our social media for exciting project updates and announcements! 

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